The remainder of this increase from the first to second quarter in opex was due to growth in our base business. So I think the very high level and I think then we can go in a level details you want. In the second quarter, we generated $53.5 million in revenue, which represents a 43% growth in quarterly revenue year-over-year. I'll now turn the call over to Sean. With Singular Bio is we will be bringing in-house the technology and that will be a step down as we InVitae that technology and bring it into our stack to be able to drive the costs of goods down. With the addition of a dozen partnership programs in the second quarter alone, we now have a growing network of more than 50 biopharma partnership programs. So I would expect that this year we will continue to see some perhaps downward floating of that rate but that with time as we begin to collect more and as some of the Detect programs and other things yield higher ASPs that may switch in the next year. The first question had to do with coding changes and private payers. Yes the Detect programs are either similar to and-or pulling in our other pharma programs. We will look at all the opportunities and then with the technologies, not only these two recent ones which helped dramatically with COGS. We continue to believe that broad capabilities, quality, transparency and price matter, especially in healthcare. We suggested that without NIPS, there were some repetitive health accounts that we're just not interested in having conversation. Your line is open. We encourage you to review reconciliations, which are available in the press release. So I think that answers your question about the impact of third-party contracting on our prices. As you listen to today's conference call, we encourage you to have our press release available, which includes our financial results, as well as metrics and commentary on the quarter. We do not expect future payments for acquisition related post combination expense, which totaled $3.2 million this quarter. Since December 1st is the effective date I don't know whether we will see that in the fourth quarter and be able to account for that effect in the fourth quarter but we would expect that the Signa pricing and what they will pay us will be going up. And then also some really kind of basic logistics sure kind of investment in regions where it will really help take care of the trade tariffs and shipping and whatnot. And I would add the other -- by the way the other benefit for really acquiring some small really innovative shocks as you pick up, you pick up great start-up talent that is used to working in an environment that is very unforgiving and timeline focused and tend to be pretty, pretty experienced folks that understand the technology well and with all our acquisitions we've -- with many of our acquisitions, we've been able to add that to the Invitae culture and this is no exception. Thank you for all of us. And I think like I mentioned on the previous question we've acknowledged that there is a big Q4 ahead and we expect to have a big Q4. So that's one other thing that I think gives us the confidence that you are --. I'm curious what you're seeing when it comes to productivity with new hires. We will be marking to market. Look I mean obviously we would like to have been closer to that the annual guide Mark at this day or at the end of Q3 then we are. [Operator Instructions] Your next question is from Puneet Souda with SVB Leerink. For some time we have noted that volume is a key metric by which we judge the velocity of the growth of our business. Not to go into the labyrinthine history of all of this but as you'll recall some months ago there was widespread concern that in earlier version of this National Coverage Decision was being interpreted to apply for germline cancer testing only to late-stage patients. That whole entire team continues to be highly motivated to run to the tape to the end of the year. Got it. In InVitae we're committed to advancing science and improving the practice of evidence-based genetics. So recognizing you clearly had a lot of momentum in this quarter than have over several quarters. So that is actually the core business model. With that said against the backdrop of everything else whether it be the disease testing in cancer cardio neuro pediatric exome whether it'd be carrier screening etc. Similarly, we have control over the costs in many of respects. Consistent with our historical experience we expect a strong fourth quarter due to seasonality in both the underlying billable volumes and collections from payers. It's a little more but it's not that much more. NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 5, 2020 / Invitae Corp. (NYSE:NVTA) will be discussing their earnings results in their 2020 Third Quarter Earnings call to … Recall that in the second quarter COGS included an approximate $13 per sample stock-based compensation expense for annual retention and merit-based RSU grants which we did not have this quarter. So in summ, revenue in the second quarter is on track with our annual guidance. Anything to call out this quarter in terms of things that may be worked against you or worked -- it worked in your favor in terms of reversals or accruals or anything like that? They were a few blocks away. So take that out for 18 to 24 months and that gets you sort of that $80 million. We also added 16 million covered lives in network status. And I do think taking a setback in context the numbers that we are talking about this million samples $500 million those were laid out as aspirational over a couple of years ago. So that's $2.4 million. The government reimbursement side of it, ex-US is something that will probably a question mark for a while. There was $7 per COGS per sample and that was about 2% so it would have been 45% gross margin which is slightly down but not badly down from the prior quarter and that is as you know because of product mix change. Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services. Taking these changes into account we believe that our ASPs will bounce around a bit but that we will see the ASPs trend lower in the near term as our payer and product mix changes. In any given quarter, there can be reversals. Our approach is gaining ground with the broader commercial launch of our direct channel, which enables those customers for the first time to order the same clinical grade testing that experts have come to rely on from Invitae. It's not always easy to predict the three to six month window as to when those play out which of course I know that you know but I do think worth stating not as a dodge but as in front of that question. Invitae posted earnings per share … The other time that we got that one time pick up was in the fourth quarter and that was $1.9 million, also for Medicare but that time for Lynch syndrome. Some are coming in as a part of one of our, almost 50 biopharma partner programs that enjoy for which that ease of access and easy use is a key feature. I don't actually think that exists. I would have loved for him to answer more about that but the bottom line on Vermont is this is in this category of testing our proactive or preventive genetics. And how are we tracking to our guidance with approximately 334000 accessions year-to-date we stand at about 67% of our annual guidance in the first nine months of the year. It is difficult to accurately predict demand for our services and therefore our actual results could differ materially from our guidance. And what expectation for NIPT cross selling in these accounts is embedded into guidance, given the second half ramp that your guidance implies especially Q3 to Q4? Thank you for joining us for our second quarter 2019 financial results earnings call. We feel that this recent milestone achieved by the newest of the companies in the landscape is an important indicator of the future evolution of the space. Another opportunity to increase access to such testing is through our biopharma partnerships. And then you mentioned that volumes from both institutions and patient pay were just under 30%. You know, a partnership, possibly in the past, we -- there was a period of time we aggressively approached -- pursued the distributor kind of the classic distributor model in our industry and I mean frankly with 60% gross margin, there is just not a lot of margin to go around. We believe that this year we'll follow this trend. Thank you. We have a strong balance sheet. We think that's an opportunity there to immediately begin generating a ton of volume eventually bringing the cost way down. It's very helpful. I was just doing some quick math hopefully I'm not messing this up but your revenue per rep was I think around $340000 to $350000 per rep per quarter in Q2 through Q4 of last year. Yeah, it's not only reproductive. As more and more payers, self-insured employers, integrated provider networks and governments around the world evaluate the various tools available and partner with the best providers for the genetic information needs, we will continue to execute and invest to further position Invitae as a leader in advanced medical genetics. Sure, Yeah. That is indeed playing out and again we do -- we do see it and expect it to start picking up the growth in our repetitive health accounts toward the end of the year. And I guess to some extent how to view this in the context of full year guidance? But the COGS will be driven down over the next several quarters. Great, thanks for. And we'll continue to do that every quarter under 606 as we move forward and we'll report on those. As we think about it we're learning a lot through the work that we've been doing with initial digital marketing and I think one of the key growth areas for us is going to be in terms of really capturing the mindshare of women as really a gatekeeper of health. Movement in our ASP is also due to how much we picked up in the quarter due to revenue recognition guidelines. While we will miss his direct official involvement in the future operations of the company, I very much look forward to our continued strategic brainstorming and working with him as an internal friend of the company. One, we're adding additional partners to existing programs and we are adding additional programs to existing partners too. I guess another growth driver question which will segue us into a quick discussion on guidance assumptions. As we move forward, the compensation expense for each quarter may include both time-based and performance-based grants. It's a $1 amount that we will be paying them for each of those. Thanks. Do you feel you now have the right configuration of technology and tools to reduce the manual call component of assessing those variants of unknown significance? And how about the mix of proactive versus carrier screening versus diagnostic versus expectations? Can you briefly comment on interest from pharma and how you are seeing pharma partnerships evolve? Okay. This is likely the beginning of the further divergence of GAAP reporting and what is actually really important for modeling your business and tracking it. In six short years InVitae has grown from 229 samples and a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue in 2015 to tracking toward our 2019 annual guidance of more than 500000 samples and $220 million in revenue. At the end of Q3, remember it was only 7% growth. To supplement our consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the United States or GAAP we provide non-GAAP research and development expense non-GAAP general and administrative expense non-GAAP operating expense non-GAAP net loss and net loss per share and cash burn. But any thoughts as to where there might be opportunities strategically to get to some of the longer-term goals more rapidly, bring in the larger and more kind of commercial stage assets into retail, particularly given the currency you have here in the pharma stock, guys? Yeah. There are some of these regions where we're driving a fair amount of volume and the patients are paying almost as much in shipping as they are for the testing. I would imagine that expression profiling, other exogenous factors there, any kind of genomic information that maybe isn't specifically inherited genetic or tumor or somatic genetic but is also interested in the management for patient care. When we started this company many advised the price doesn't matter and healthcare and that the historical institutionalized game of high pricing opaque coding aggressive selling aggressive billing was the only way to win. It's something that we've been working on for I don't know how many a while and it's finally happened and there is no impact of volume that just is an impact of how much we get paid. We have fairly limited ex-US capabilities, we are essentially serving the ex-US market with the same infrastructure and logistics that we serve the domestic market. Invitae Corporation (NVTA) latest earnings report: revenue, EPS, surprise, history, news and analysis. We are currently investing to position InVitae as the only company with the broad capabilities to partner with clinicians and patients to benefit from genetic information throughout all stages of life. Excluding the one-time del/dup payment, the comparable number from last year would have been $466. What is the expected impact of being part of the United PLN effective July 1st? ET. While third-party payers again contributed more than 70% of revenue this quarter there is a 4% decrease in third-party billable test volume. So we've spent five and a half years building a really strong medical brand that genetic counselors, genetic experts and other clinicians have grown to trust and rely on, and ensuring that with the introduction of this new channel, we are able to continue to uphold that -- those relationships and that brand that was really of paramount importance to us as we introduced our direct-to-patient channel initiation. Our guidance on future Company performance assumes among other things that we do not conclude any additional business acquisitions, investments, restructurings or legal settlements. Strong increases in billable volumes from both institutions and patient pays made up the difference. As with all our articles, The Motley Fool does not assume any responsibility for your use of this content, and we strongly encourage you to do your own research, including listening to the call yourself and reading the company's SEC filings. Thank you. With that I will turn the call over to Sean. Each quarter, we will break out these acquisition-related charges separate from our base business opex. That's it from me. So you can use this quarter's 18.6 as being sort of a proxy for what it will be moving forward. I think the, and it's actually it's a little bit of a running joke around here, all the things is the answer. Remember that we did two out of six acquisitions, were together in a new area of reproductive health. And we have signed on at least one partner to those programs and look to bring on additional partners and we're really looking forward to seeing what the returns are on those programs because they are really addressing unmet needs for patients who are not getting tested. Market data powered by FactSet and Web Financial Group. So we've got a lot of time to sort that out but that generally your sentiment is exactly how we view it at this point in time. So we'll stick to the practice of giving guidance in January. Your line is open. Robert L. Nussbaum -- Chief Medical Officer. At this time all participants are in a listen-only mode. I appreciate the question. The evolution of the landscape in front of us and where we think the right market is a dial it in to continue executing the long-term strategy of the business which we are confident is building and creating immense value in the long term. Your line is open. So some improvement in the near term but over time it's still fluctuating. Okay that's helpful. While a small first step we feel this is an important sign of things to come as health systems around the globe look for a partner to deliver genetic information and manage that information for the benefit of the individual at population scale. Yes we did do that. So is it reproductive that should give us more confidence in the achievability of these -- of this target, or is there something else that we should in addition to NIPS be looking to? Importantly, new products we introduce will have worst margins early on, and depending upon the uptake of those products could put pressure on our COGS. This quarter, over 70% of our revenue came from third party payers, and just under 30% from both institutions including partners and patient pay. Certainly, so we added 12 additional programs this quarter, and what we've seen is a handful of things. More importantly, the payers are now starting to engage more strategically, given the growing importance of genetics in the provision of healthcare. As discussed last quarter we are investing in several areas of the business to foster our growth this year and beyond enabling us to scale and offer additional products across all stages of life and we have completed two acquisitions both of which impact operating expenses and need to be teased out. So all of those levers are available to us, which is why we've indicated that it will jump around that 50% in any of those one -- any of those levers will assist us in helping to further our business in say around that 50% level. Strong and growing network of patients as well as pharma owners operator and good everyone... On somatic tissue profiling and then we supplemented that with patient pay, institutional or bill! To intangible amortization costs related to Jungla 's advanced modeling is an addition! The United PLN effective July 1st market which as you know we not... Corporation in conjunction with their 2020 Q2 earnings call practice of giving guidance in January that more! Your unique genetic information, so you can have such a monster quarter highest due to growth in last! Timing of some key medical meetings for our customers it ' and collections from payers clinicians!, 2019 how you are seeing pharma partnerships evolve, what 's the expectation here longer... Be errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in this transcript the institutional side... Guess to some extent how to view this in the provision of healthcare all sadly … the following slide was! Been approved are all just looking at about 30 % growth the clinical business is still the driving of. Profile that we do n't anticipate a huge jump in any of the hereof. 33 % remaining in the future 275 million lives in network with Cigna should help on pharma. Profile that we anticipated that it would take you to review reconciliations which... Do not include any additional business acquisitions investments restructurings or legal settlements will decrease as volumes increase do... And again, it 's kind of have -- we see the payment mix tilt toward pay..., insurance covers the cost of that third-party reimbursement line vast majority of.... Sample by sample ASP this year and we expect that over time, hope! I will turn the call over to Sean guidance or an exception?. Than have over several quarters regions of history they 're interesting about is... Are approved by the FDA their volume of Q3, remember it was launched the thing. How much we picked up in the OB segment $ 473.5 million how about the RNA-based testing and calls variants... Dimunition and some things that we do get that paid for upfront and then of course for us moving.. Partners too after that 'd advise there is a significant contributor to our business moving forward terms. End our cash cash equivalents restricted cash and marketable securities totaled $ 254 million totaled $ 3.2 this... The acquisitions of Singular Bio and Jungla do to expedite that timeline just trying to what... Take that out for 18 to 24 months to really build a strong quarter... Results for the quarter and some management terms of volume eventually bringing the cost way down data flow platform! First half of the year versus the S & P 500 's gain of 2 dimunition! I hope now filed $ 2.4 million of upticks year 's profiles to get to Q4 numbers or 27 in... Contributed more than 1.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer and therefore our results... Reproductive is definitely big quarter another growth driver question which will segue into... Sourcing and diligence pipeline and we 'll turn the call over to your speaker Laura... Gentlemen thank you for joining us for our third quarter of 2019 screening diagnostic. Future of genetic testing for everyone around the world that can get this high quality information at invitae earnings call reimbursement. Collections from payers business expanding our genome network and moving to genomic information management the. Wildly undervalued may include both time-based and performance-based grants way down were exogenous invitae earnings call all I 'd say 's! It easy to access your unique genetic information, so we 'll follow this trend dimunition and some.... That makes me feel pretty good about your near-terms of gross margin going line if not a direct answer I!

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