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  • Deprecated function: Function create_function() is deprecated in require_once() (line 580 of /home/exlc62s1zyue/domains/ is the primary destination for anyone wanting to know what is going on in and around Bahrain every day of the year. Designed by a team frustrated with never being able to get the definitive list of events taking place in Bahrain, this new events portal is seen as a one-stop-shop promoting everything that Bahrainis and those visiting the island Kingdom need to know about what is going on, where and when. There is a lot going on in Bahrain; it's just that historically it has been difficult to find out what, where and when. Now the frustrations of the past are changing and delivers the news and views along with the happening, time and location of events as they are announced. is easy to navigate and provides a timely view of events from across the spectrum of activities. Whether it be sport or business, cultural or family, conference or culinary experience; will provide the information designed to stimulate interest and provide the spark for a great day out or clarification of when the next event, big or small, is taking place. The Kingdom of Bahrain is host to major international, regional and local events. Some, like the FIA Formula One World Championship, put Bahrain on the global map alongside some of the most powerful industrial nations and economies on the planet. Others, such as the Manama Dialogue, demonstrate the political pulling power that Bahrain has to be thought provoking and a destination of choice for significant events. The recent Gulf Cup Soccer tournament underlined the attributes of Bahrain as host to major tournaments while Bahrain is also growing in stature as the venue for exhibitions, conferences and international shows such as the International Air Show.

Having the "knowledge" of these events and their content is crucial to local businesses, hoteliers, hire car companies, airlines, travel agents, retailers, restauranteurs and a host of other sectors. Likewise, knowing where to go and what to watch is of massive importance to the people who live in Bahrain and those considering traveling to the country.

We hope that everyone who logs on to will benefit form the experience. Let us know your views. We are happy to listen and hope that YallaBahrain will make your Bahraini experience so much more enjoyable given that you now know what is going on!