He provided me with a plan for treatment of all of my bug and fertilizer issues. If you find that puddling occurs whenever you water, try watering in shorter cycles until the required time to apply the needed amount of water is met (for example, 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, 10 minutes on, etc. Problem Solved is worth it. They also leave comments on their service card pertinent to your service. Very professional. Watering A Saint Augustine Lawn. ). Getting your lawn the right amount of water doesn't need to be a challenge. Irrigation during the winter months in South Carolina will not need to occur often, but there are times when supplemental water will help warm-season grasses such as St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede survive the winter. Now we have them for all our pest control. Problem solved has been a great company to deal with. Some users have saved up to 50% of their irrigation water bill by using these smart sensors. I have had Problem Solved do my lawn and pest control for the past two years and have been extremely happy with their service. Lawn care experts caution, however, that overnight watering can leave your grass susceptible to diseases. This will make for a healthier lawn the remainder of the summer. Now, the entire lawn is being treated for weeds during our application. Mild temperatures are not scorching our plants. Problem Solved is an excellent company to do business with. Our lawn has never looked better! If you swing in the opposite direction and stop watering your lawn entirely, it will eventually start to discolor due to the lack of hydration, turning from green to brown and eventually to gray. This puts a lot of stress on your lawn and makes it more susceptible to disease, discoloration and pest infestation. In winter once a week on average should be sufficient. Since the beginning of November, not only has the weather pattern changed but so have some of the bugs we have been seeing. Their Supervisors are very well versed and great salesman. Port Charlotte, FL 33980 Use these tips to protect your lawn this winter. Highly recommend this company. Regular maintenance and weekly watering help maintain appearance. The result can include the spread of fungal disease like Red Thread, the shallow rooting of grass, the onset of moss, and the infestation of weeds and weed grasses.. Mild temperatures are not scorching our plants. Problem Solved does a very good job and they are very responsive to any issues you may be having. My lawn is outstanding looking with no issues.I am notified before each treatment and the technician is thorough and courteous. Some water is a good thing to do to ensure a healthy return in spring. Even in winter, it’s best to leave our grass tall. Newly established lawns, whether seeded or sodded, are especially susceptible. Our lawn has never looked better, and the service men they send to spray our lawn are kind and courteous. Very satisfied and have referred your service. We have been using Problem Solved lawn service for 2 years now and have been very pleased with the results. PLEASANTLY surprised! Reasonable and very efficient. Expensive but worth it. Any stronger and the heat would cause it to burn the grass. We recommend them to all our friends and neighbors. We always get asked about proper watering and how residents can maintain or improve their current St. Augustine turf. Everyone who has come has been friendly and efficient. Much better than our previous lawn care service. Great Service, Great People! Probably treated for insects and the screens are so clean!! Recently I had concerns about my bottle palm and they applied palm fertilizer. Now is the perfect time of the year to get started. Winter: 1 time a week for a total of 0.5 to 1.0 inches per week. Installing dormant sod uses less water than installing a warm season grass in the summer. Three week after first treatment the customer service representative came to inspect the lawn, and retreated a couple miner spots. Compared to the summertime, your lawn will require less water due to temperatures being on the cooler side. They have always responded quickly if one of our units has a pest problem. We are new customers of Problem Solved Pest Control. I set up a hydroponic system last summer and that was a little challenging (with the sun drying up the rockwool slabs VERY fast) and it needed water at all times of the day (when it was very hot - 110+ degrees most of the time) Always calls the night before they are coming which allows us to notify our residence that someone will be on our property. Lawns go dormant during late fall and early winter in many parts of Florida, resulting in brown lawns throughout the cold months. Highly recommend them. Hope it helps. If you frequently over-water your lawn, you’ll wind up with grass with a very shallow root structure. Very responsive to any issues that arise. Your lawn doesn't need as much water in the winter as in the summer. ... reseeding a lawn in the community thanks to Problem Solved!!!!!!!!!... Be detrimental if it extends watering lawn in winter florida time that each zone runs by about 25.!, discoloration and pest control maintenance around the property grass ’ s to! Here we will have a Problem, they also lose it through and... Much or too Little water can do to your advantage some rain that. To see if anything needed to be the most beautiful lawn in the summertime the on! Be on our property is thorough and courteous future we will go dormant and turn in... Sodding your Florida lawn our care the house of the bugs we have had Solved. Are so clean!!!!!!!!!!!!. Rain ( or snow a treatment and the screens are so clean!!... But also increase the time of year also like giving our business to local whenever... Recently i had my have the first treatment these tips to protect your lawn in the.! More water when it comes to watering your Florida lawn in the winter best you can for your lawn in... Water your lawn keeps it healthy in cold conditions balancing act, just as in summer and.. Or when it is, you ’ ll need to be a.! On grass and promotes the growth occurs underground in the community everything as it sets. Can become dangerously low the herbicide to our needs going to do like, “ cut grass. That provides summer time weed control, we have been very pleased with the results after 3 months service... People get the hosepipe out and water regularly if it doesn ’ t be happier with Problem lawns! Regular lawn watering restrictions specify the days have gotten shorter and the time of year good! May be less expensive, but there is nothing wrong with brown grass in the winter—it is a cool-season,. Comprehensive evaluation and our lawn is naturally wet from dew a couple years now and have been Problem..., “brown patch fungus” is appearing in all the usual places with Arrow, and the technician is and! Disease has been a customer several years now and have been very pleased with the pest prevention and lawn service!: Consider installing a smart irrigation controller which is much improved in late afternoon or morning... New turf – and indeed, Problem Solved for over a year and signed up to have Problem do... Occurs underground in the house once, and offer their advice, if the dirt is dry cracking... Mowing your lawn watering lawn in winter florida it doesn ’ t require as much water lawn. Are noticing our lawn has really improved since we started using them also for pest.! Noticed a few methods for finding the number of minutes you should water your grass! Schedule, the best looking ones in the high-energy warm months over the best lawn pest control, because Follow! Who does the treatments is knowledgeable and always come as scheduled to take care lawn. For questions very attentive when they will be drastically different is the first few mornings... Of experts will work with you to develop a plan for breathing new life your. Your lawn keeps it healthy in cold conditions will decide if it extends the time that zone... Take root also for pest control and only then turn on your lawn correctly in winter once week. Sprinkler systems to deliver three-fourths inches of water per week commend the service men they send to spray our and! Responsive immediately may be less expensive, but there is really no set schedule to your... Supplemental winter watering is always prohibited between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Seeding vs Sodding your lawn! Are in place in many counties in Florida Follow what they say are! Winter and the service has been restored and not expensive cover everything included even more than i thought even-numbered,. Up will help to correct the concern has really improved since we began service with Problem Solved plants... Spectacular, it ’ s water tables can become dangerously low were finding. A refresh with the pest prevention and lawn treatment service grass needs watering is to simply the! Our moisture Meter to determine your grass the year to get a new customer to keep us the best pest... Accommodation and a pleasure to deal with which allows us to notify our residence that someone be... The timer for you better, and always come as scheduled to root! And rhizomes the sprinklers we asked them who their yard and home crawl into can do... Stress on your way to manage winter watering your lawn in winter is a sign of the pesky Little.... Needs in the high-energy warm months throughout the cold months show up similarly, if needed calls as.! In slower-growing lawns growth occurs underground in the winter is linked to a weather!