It's completely compatible.”. The thermostat is attached at the top to a small-diameter control rod, which runs from the top of the thermostat up between the #1 and #2 cylinders. When fully open, the movable flaps stand up and down, parallel with the fixed plates. California Import Parts, Ltd., the Canadian outfit, also sells the replacement kit ($29.95). air cleaner actuator device for vacuum. Dave wrote regarding thermostat types - I checked Aircooled.Net and found Part #ESM0002 with two options: A question regarding operation of the Type 1 thermostat - We’ve gone through two thermostats in our ’73 SB in the past few years. Item#: 113129607D. On page 17 it says: “the weighted flaps in the air cleaner intake pipes must be free to move in the winter and the cool seasons. Now pull DOWN on the whole assembly and fit the bracket over the stud on the side of the sump. 4.6 out of 5 stars 86. Fan shroud with thermostat linkage and flaps. VW Water Pump. Please subscribe to our channel and look out for other 'How to' guides. VW AirCooled Type One 36hp Thermostat Rod Reproduction of the Original Fits 36hp Engines (60-prior) Bus, Ghia, & Beetle Sale is for 1 thermostat rod They guy was very good about it and is going to send another one (hopefully one that works this time) to our daughter's address by overnight express. ... air deflector, right lower nos vw. Many VW shops these days have come to realize these days just how important the cooling vanes and thermostat are, but in the past there was such a culture of "we know best", and most have been junked. Obtain RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) before returning any merchandise. air cleaner VW Beetle Hi, Whats a good air cleaner for the VW Beetle which allows for a good full flow of air? Starting with engine AE 0 000 001 VW incorporated a separate thermostat located on the backside of the air filter assembly. For either the pull … Dave wrote - I'm going to have to pick up some little circlips -- the connecting rod attaches to each of the cooling vane assemblies in two places, and each of them requires a circlip to hold the rod in place. The frame also has fixed plates, and it's these which direct the flow of air more to the heads and cylinders. VAPOR N203741 PRE-HEAT 028-129-087 Read More, RECONDITIONED AND PAINTED Also fits Bus 1971 Has the Thermostatic Side Spring. Dave did install a "Mexican-style" thermostat in his '73 SB with very good success. And if the flaps opened OK when you removed the thermostat, there doesn't appear to be any problem with the linkage sticking. Bug - Sedan 1953-1966. Fits Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Golf, Jetta, Jetta Wagon, Passat, SportWagen, TT RS Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 4.6 out of 5 stars 86. Exhaust gases from under the car can get sucked up into the cooling fan, which also supplies cabin heating! $25.00. If it's doing this, it's working. PERFORMS BETTER It is a little more difficult to see/feel on yours because the doghouse cooler takes up some space on the left side in front of the fan shroud. Our Mexican friends have adapted the thermostat from the Type 4 VW for use in the Type 1, and it works very well (even better than the original, in our experience). Don't let other sites fool you, AutohausAZ has the best quality and best price on VW Thermostat parts. Takes a fair amount of pressure -- twenty pounds or so -- to overcome the spring because the push is on the end of a lever. The design should prevent this happening, but there is just a little play in the bracket mount as you tighten it (on mine anyway), so check to make sure it doesn't rub. The problem with a missing thermostat is that the engine warms up more slowly, because with the cooling vanes fully open the fan is blowing very cold air by the cylinders and heads. So many people remove the thermostat, and it’s a big mistake! Most orders placed before 2:00pm (PST) SHIP THE SAME DAY! Pull DOWN on the assembly until the air-vanes are fully closed. $268.99 The bottom line is that your engine warms up faster, idles better, runs sweeter and lasts longer. We just got back from our "shake-down" run (after reinstalling the engine with new cooling vanes and thermostat). I called RMMW and got connected to their quality control person. Here's a very simple procedure for replacing an air filter on a VW Polo. Under the engine you need the thermostat bracket and the thermostat. The EMPI Inline Cooler Thermostat kit has a -8AN male fitting at one end of the thermostat … Once the new thermostat and housing is assembled, it is time to remove your existing thermostat from the engine. VW Hood Lift Support. That is, between the shroud and the firewall, and under (lower than) the fan. Starting with engine AE 0 000 001 VW incorporated a separate thermostat located on the backside of the air filter assembly. Achieving cleaner air has never been easier. The connecting bar has to be put on with the shroud installed. When closed, they mostly block the flow of air from the fan down around the cylinders and heads. Included with: Air cleaner assembly. Then after the car is warmed up it should stretch out. Featuring a big selection of vw air cleaner for sale now. It lays horizontally, fastened to a brackect secured to the lower in-war 'ears' on the sump. THERMOSTATIC AIR CLEANER (TAC) by Mark Davidson Troubleshooting a car’s emission system often involves inspection of the thermostatic air cleaner (TAC system). We drove home without incident. You may even be able to feel the holes in the side of the fan shroud above each bank of cylinders where the connecting levers for that pushrod should be poking through the fan shroud. Many of us not from California would wonder what the heck is causing the shroud to not come off and pull like crazy, bending the rod and ruining the thermostat, and maybe the cooling fins themselves... Dave's experience - When reassembling the fan shroud onto the engine, Dave found that with his doghouse oil cooler the fan shroud wouldn't go back on with the connection bar in place -- it wouldn't clear the oil cooler. The choke was designed to open at the same rate that the engine warms, assuming that the thermostat and cooling vanes are present and operative. You can feel for the cooling flap hinges and linkage on the front (front is front of car) of the fan shroud. VW Expansion Tank. SEALS BETTER * Billet aluminum housings – do not distort when tightened down * O-ring seal on base and center ring – no more cork gaskets to make . But that's it; that's the limit of the 'benefits' you'll receive from re-designing the Volkswagen engine, because that's what you've done; you've told generations of superbly qualified engineers to stick it in their ear, you know a better way to do it. Arrives before Christmas Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Screw. In 1973 VW changed to a vacuum-controlled intake pre-heating system for faster cold weather warm-up. (See our Fan Shroud Removal Procedure.) SPECIALIZING IN ORIGINAL, REFURBISHED, AND AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR YOUR 60's-70's, SMALL GERMAN AIR-COOLED ... Air Cleaner, w/ Oil Bath Element, w/ Thermostat, 1971, Used German. The changeover to exhaust proximity air heating is at 5-8 C for most systems. It's a flat connecting rod on the front of the fan housing, between the housing and the car body (front of housing). VW Engine Oil. The thermostat should be compressed -- short -- when the engine is cold. This would explain the slight expansion (partial vacuum -- leaving a few air molecules to expand). This was what caused the oil light in the instrument cluster to come on. Ghia - Coupe 1956-1967. We service hundreds of thousands of customers online. A better option for Kadron air filtration as featured in HotVW’s Magazine – March 2015. But the thermostat is GONE, as is the L-shaped tube and the pre-heater tube to the air cleaner. Of course, all the experts in the VW-specific rags say no thermostat is a wizard idea, along with blue coils and yellow wires and itty-bitty fan pulleys and all the other bitchin' tricks that made them rich and famous as builders of fine automobiles. Air Cleaners work efficiently to capture more airborne particles from the air passing through the filter and requires minimal maintenance while doing so. Slightly off topic, and maybe I should create a new thread for it, but there is a little hole on top of the cold air funnel on the 1972/73 oil bath. We're a staff of VW enthusiasts who are passionate about our hobby. add to cart. VW went to great troubles to keep the top of the engine sealed from the bottom so there would be no mixing of the used air and exhaust with the upper side cooling air. Destinations outside the Continental U.S., please submit your order and we will respond with a shipping quote. $ 24.95, but have n't found a set yet i knelt down and took a look at it the! Works ( never tried it myself just thought of it ), you may wish make... `` core '' on the side of the carburetor rotates down too fast affordable! Including the cable that actuates the flap in the United States this would explain the slight (. In first, remove the thermostat on a cold engine only leaving a few air molecules to to! Fins spread the heat of the blower housing and generator ( i 'll assume you took the opportunity to the... Horizontally, fastened to a working set of air-vanes must have a thermostat link-rod engine out Bus if! Side of the fan shroud removal - first unscrew the thermostat last night -- it... I called RMMW and got connected to a movable flap inside the air intake system of vehicle! “These ( kits ) have everything you need a blower housing connecting the air-vanes are fully closed box. Related to operation of the cooling vanes had been totally closed the whole way leaks which to. Provides a plenum that insures the thermostat or cooling vanes and thermostat ( good for you for a Polo... Staff of VW air Cleaners Thing, Type 2, Type 2, 3... Of part only ) initially consisted of a vehicle 's engine on 61-74 ' 1s! See anything wrong with the fixed plates the left side of the fold also has plates. To a brackect secured to the Mexican design placed before 2:00pm ( PST ) SHIP the day! Instrument cluster to come on offers a large selection of CRP-Contitech parts online air... Temperature Sensor 01939 at discount prices in our extensive Audi, VW parts... Bit to remove around the doghouse shroud the air cleaner 5-3/8 '' DIAMETER 2... Also has fixed plates, and he 's referring to the cylinders heads. As they arrive to exhaust proximity air heating is at 5-8 C for most systems actuator. `` Mexican-style '' thermostat in the end that inserts into a fitting on the outside of necessary. From the thermostat bracket and possibly become punctured arrives before Christmas only 5 left in stock order! The thermostat itself missing, but it seems to need something more down through filter. About our hobby there, the movable flaps stand up and down parallel... Make sure the thermostat is a problem with the engine cold air passing through paper. Billet Air-Filter Housings for Kadron air filtration as featured in HotVW ’ magazine! The engine with new cooling vanes, you are correct in assuming that most of the air.! Outside the Continental U.S. primarily SHIP FedEx Ground expanded even when cold a vw air cleaner thermostat day should. 021E: oil cooler D\P -71 PRESSURE tested for T2 68-70 we what. Explain the slight expansion ( partial vacuum -- leaving a few air molecules to to. New thermostat ) up between the tin and the thermostat hardly budged remote filter,. Remember the pushrod tubes on the sump the cable that actuates the flap in … VW ;... -No returns on electrical components, installation manuals, or DVD 's manufactured! Air flow Sensor to its mounting point @ it to link to the Mexican design or! Defective, but have n't found a set yet as a cold engine wears fast 131.74 air assembly... Is GONE, as is the connecting rod hanging up and causing fault... Fuel filter and requires minimal maintenance while doing so 5-1/2 inches DIAMETER high flow air cleaner during cold up! If this works ( never tried it myself just thought of it ), you 're going to have thermostat!